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Having seen the results of the experiments carried out, we can say that the presence of permanent artificial magnets did not turn out to cause damage to the health of people, vertebrate animals and higher plants. So, the analyses carried out so far show that the permanent magnet supplied by Polimagnet Ltd had no influence on the normal physiological processes of living beings, neither during growth nor during maturity. Also, since there are are no heavy nor small signs of morphological and/or physiological change, we can state that the presence of a permanent magnet having the chemical, physical and dimensional features as the sample provided by Polimagnet Ltd is not harmful to healthy and morphologically normal individuals, vertebrate animals, higher plants and food containing yeasts.

Dott. Paolo Bonivento Direttore Scientifico ETLab


Over the years, the IBO has developed many innovations and has always remained true to its core competence, ecology.
Today, the IBO stands for a wealth of experience in scientific and practical work in building biology and building ecology.
Services in the fields of material ecology and product testing, interior measurement, consulting, building physics and building certification have been added for research and knowledge dissemination.

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IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Bauen und Ökologie GmbH
A-1090 Wien, Alserbachstr. 5/8,
fon +43/1/3192005-23 | fax DW 50 | web | mail

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On the basis of comprehensive criteria that consider the entire life cycle of a product, building materials and interior furnishings are analysed from a holistic point of view.

When a product fulfils the exacting requirements regarding building biology and building ecology, it is awarded the IBO test mark. The IBO test mark, a recognised and independent quality seal, guarantees consumers that they buy products that are recommendable from the point of view of building biology and building ecology.

We prepare a comprehensive test report for every product that has been tested.


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