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Rising damp is water which, rising up from the soil through the walls and floors, shows up in living environments in the form of flaking paint, plaster peeling, salt efflorescence, wet stains, mould smell, feel of cold and moisture in the environment, leading to increased condensation and mould problems.

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It is a material damage but also unpleasant to the eye and the nose, heavily unhealthy as well as a waste of energy for environmental thermal comfort.

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Inside the walls, water molecules arrange “in leaflets”, on parallel layers placed vertically. The electric potential difference generating inside the walls between the “anion” (negative) and the “cation” areas (positive) attracts water molecules upwards through the walls.

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Polopposto employs permanent magnetism which operates continuously. It stops the water from flowing upwards through the walls.

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It propagates a magnetic wave originating a solenoidal range within a restricted space of 7 meters long and 5 meters wide and height for each side of the device.

The device must be placed to the base of the wall to be treated and serves two functions: first, it reverses the flow of moisture in masonry, tilting the position of oxygen of water molecule to the bottom, therefore to the ground; secondly, it keeps the wall dry.


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